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Dart’s Hill Garden Park – 2017

Dart's Hill Garden Park - 2017.04.15

A very pleasant late spring day was spent working my way around this great urban park. What started out as a landscaping project for a homeowner became a passionate adventure in horticulture that I and my camera the the lucky beneficiaries of.

The park is home to many different plants from all over the world, some of which can only be found at this location in British Columbia. This included many very delicate and beautiful flowers, majestic trees, and carefully planned pathways. I recommend that if you get the chance, take your camera and visit this former home that has become a park managed by the Surrey Park Board. Dart's Hill is worth repetitive visits, and provides great subject matter and a relaxing outing.


For more information about Dart's Hill Garden Park, and visit their website, click on the image to the right.